Extension of the guarantee to 5 years

Under respect of the same guarantee terms and conditions set for the standard guarantee (see the full text of the guarantee Consumer Code), the guarantee period can be extended to five years (60 months) from the date of the invoice issued by Lucifero’s only under condition that the client registers on-line the information and data relative to the products’ installation online, by filling-in the relative form available on the company’s web site at the latest within 90 days from the date of invoice issued by Lucifero’s and that the mentioned invoice has a date following August 1, 2013. The extension of the guarantee to five years does not apply to the electronic control gear boxes, for which we refer to the standard guarantee, from the date of delivery, under condition that on the products have been installed bulbs conform to the indications reported on the catalogue and that they have been used respecting the technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer.
It is hereby specified that the Manufacturer reserves the right not to activate this warranty in case of supplies of Products intended for projects with a net value below 5,000.00 (fivethousand/00) Euros. The minimum value of 5,000 Euros refers to the supply of products for a single project with a single purpose.

To extend the guarantee of your purchase up to 5 years, fill in the requested data.

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