Window frame

Recessed downlighter for wall installation, for indirect lighting, complete with dimmable linear LED 230/240V or for TC-TEL GX24 q3-4 compact fluorescent lamps, complete with electronic power-supply 50/60Hz 230/240V. Body and super-slim 15 mm width frame in painted metal. Mechanical details steel-made. Complete with safety tempered glass and high efficiency pre-anodized aluminium reflector. It can also be installed in concrete or brick walls through specific galvanized steel wall-box, available as an accessory. Degree of protection IP20.

Product codes

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Type Light source Ref. code W Colour temperature K Lm/LED CRI Diff./Lens Protocol Dim. Download
LED 6,2W 16,0-19,6V CRI>90 WI001.930 1x12,4 3000 1400 >90
LED 6,2W 16,0-19,6V CRI>90 WI001.940 1x12,4 4000 1480 >90
TC-TEL WI003 1x26/32/42
TC-TEL WI003D 1x26/32/42 Dali touch & dim
LED 6,2W 16,0-19,6V CRI>90 WI011.930 1x12,4 3000 1400 >90
LED 6,2W 16,0-19,6V CRI>90 WI011.940 1x12,4 4000 1480 >90
TC-TEL WI013 1x26/32/42
TC-TEL WI013D 1x26/32/42 Dali touch & dim

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