ICementi wall

Family floor and wall-mounted fittings for diffused or directional and guidance lighting. Complete with chip on board LED source and 50/60Hz built-in electronic driver. Floor versions supplied complete of aluminium optical unit with mono or bilateral light emission and steel mounting plate for fixing to the ground with anti-theft system. Degree of protection IP65.

Product codes

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Type Light source Ref. code W Colour temperature K Lm/LED CRI Diff./Lens Protocol Dim. Download
brique V
brique V
IC1101.830 6 3000 540 80 120x100
IC1101.840 6 4000 580 80 120x100
IC1102.830 2x6 3000 1080 80 120x100
IC1102.840 2x6 4000 1160 80 120x100
brique O
brique O
IC1001.830 1x6 3000 540 80 120x250
IC1001.840 1x6 4000 580 80 120x250
IC1002.830 2x6 3000 1080 80 120x250
IC1002.840 2x6 4000 1160 80 120x250
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