opaline polycarbonate diffuser
opaline polycarbonate diffuser

container File
opaline polycarbonate diffuser

code LT239P.misura
  • Mounting: system
  • Ballast: not included
  • Dimension: L ------ MM
Product description:

Trimless, fully-retracting flush recessed modular systems for housing system profiles and MINIFILE, FILE, FILE 2, FILE 2 COMPLEMENTI, LEVA and FARETÈN finished modules for creating cuts of continuous light or where light modules alternate to voids, in plaster-board false-ceiling or false-walls or in concrete or brick walls. Painted or anodised extruded aluminium body, with a predefined length or cut to size. To be completed with side end caps and finishing cover for the empty spaces in a retracted position to determine an effect of solids and voids. Can also be used with LED linear light sources, to be completed with opal white PC diffusing screen and remote power supplies, to create retracted grooves of light.

Through this code it’s possible to order the profile in a not-standard linear lenght. Replace the word “misura” with the desired lenght in mm. To order a profile with one or both ends 45° angle-cut add the letter “D” (right cut) or “S” (left cut) to the standard or custom lenght . follow the instructions on page 652. Para perfiles de mas de 3 metros y maximo 6 metros de longitud las condiciones de transportes son a acordar.

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