LBS wall

LBS is a thin band of extruded aluminium section and it is possible to install it in many different ways. It consists of basic modules and, depending on the way they are assembled, it can be arch shaped (to be installed on a wall), circular shaped (to create swinging, ceiling and trimless recessed fixtures) or it may have a curving shape (to form a band which twists and turns on the ceiling, for instance). The extruded part, representing its body, is drawn in such a way to be able to house the linear LED light source, shaded with a white opal diffuser , both on the inside vertical side and therefore to give out light on its horizontal axis, and on its narrower and horizontal side and consequently to give out light on its vertical axis (indirect one). It is also available in ceiling, pendant and trimless recessed version with diffused direct light emission. Additionally, LBS also allows to make use of directional projectors, that can be hooked and wired to the profile.

Product codes

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Type Light source Ref. code W Colour temperature K Lm/LED CRI Diff./Lens Protocol Dim. Download
with indirect diffuser
with indirect diffuser
linear LED 18W/mt 168 LED/mt 2200lm/mt LB201.8 1x17 4000 2300 >80 Opal polycarbonate 120
linear LED 18W/mt 168 LED/mt 2200lm/mt LB202.8 1x28 4000 3450 >80 Opal polycarbonate 120
linear LED 18W/mt 168 LED/mt 2200lm/mt LB203.8 1x35 3000 4400 >80 Opal polycarbonate 120
To be completed whith power supply to be installed in a remote junction box
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