LEVA track version

Fix and adjustable projectors programme for chip on board LED sources. Mounting options: with frame and trimless recessed, ceiling and wall-mounted, 230V Eurostandard track and within the Lucifero’s Container for Minifile and File 2. Fixture’s body in painted extruded aluminum.
Optical group complete with chip on board led, lens, antiglare housing and driver (except recessed versions and 1x and 3x ceiling/wall-mounted versions). Adjustable version for ceiling/ wall mounting and for insertion within the Container for Minifile provided with special patented
Soft Rotate & Slide mechanism, that allows the projector’s extraction and aiming of 350° on the vertical axis and of 350° on the horizontal axis. Adjustable version for insertion within the Container for File 2 provided with special tilt mechanism, that allows the projector’s extraction and aiming of +/-45° on the horizontal axis. Spot, flood and wide optics. UGR<19. Degree of
protection IP23/43.

Product codes

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Type Light source Ref. code W Colour temperature K Lm/LED CRI Diff./Lens Protocol Dim. Download
LED LV204.927S 5x2 2700 99 >90 20° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.927F 5x2 2700 92 >90 32° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.927W 5x2 2700 82 >90 50° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.930S 5x2 3000 100 >90 20° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.930F 5x2 3000 93 >90 32° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.930W 5x2 3000 83 >90 50° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.940S 5x2 4000 102 >90 20° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.940F 5x2 4000 95 >90 32° On/Off 32x160
LED LV204.940W 5x2 4000 85 >90 50° On/Off 32x160

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