Charm and elegance combined with simplicity.
The allure of curved surfaces.
The elegance of perfect corners.
Clean shapes which enhance the proportions of the volumes while outlining the spaces they are contained in with a soft and refined touch.
A game of geometric, spatial and sensorial harmony brought to life by light.

Lucifero's line I Pipedi is a collection of classic and sophisticated lights with a modern twist.
All models are in painted extruded aluminium and are ceiling and wall-mounted or can be suspended.
Wall-mounted models have a square-section body, with a cubic or a slimmer shape (rhomboid), and a cylindrical section body, with variable diameter and length.

Light emission (direct or direct/indirect) radiates downwards, but in some models the source is both ways and light radiates both downwards and upwards.
Ceiling-mounted lights have a square section and cylindrical section body, while the suspended models have a cylindrical section body with three different diameters, ∅55, ∅90 and ∅120.

All models are complete with wall and ceiling mounting brackets, or a wall fixing base plate, steel suspension cables with micrometric adjustment system and power connection cable.

I Pipedi, timeless class.

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