LEVA QUADRA: the evolution of light

LEVA QUADRA: the evolution of light

A transformation. A transition from one shape to another. A small evolution.
We are accustomed to applying the term evolution, and its concept, to all living species of our planet; but also progress is an evolutionary movement that advances unstoppable, transforming yesterday’s ideas, fashions and tastes into something new .
Even everyday objects that accompany and simplify our everyday life change.
Their technology evolves. Their lines and their shapes evolve, adapting to new architectural trends, to new living and commercial concepts, always looking for a visual correspondence which in turn becomes also an emotional correspondence.

Lucifero's new Leva Quadra line is the sign of this small evolution. The linear forms of the Leva family meet the squared ones of the Quadra collection where its individual sources of light change into the multiple sources of the Leva collection. Different characteristics that blend together to create a new line, ultra-modern, elegant and versatile.

The projectors of the Leva Quadra collection are fixed and adjustable (0-90° on the horizontal axis, 0-355° on the vertical one), with integrated LED sources and body in painted extruded aluminium.
They can be installed on the Mini Magnetic Track, wall or ceiling rails: fully recessed smooth built-in or with rabbet frames, on low voltage tracks such as the Multi system Stucchi, or on a flat or semi-recessed plate on plasterboard.

Leva Quadra, the evolution of excellence.

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