Le Torri dell'Acqua - Budrio - Italy
Le Torri dell'Acqua - Budrio - Italy

Le Torri dell'Acqua - Budrio - Italy

Location: Budrio
Project: Andrea Oliva

Torri dell' Acqua is located in the heart of Budrio, a short distance from Bologna.
It is a former aqueduct built in 1912, and completely renovated in 2009. The structure represents a remarkable example of how to bring out the true value of an industrial archaeology monument. The restoration project, designed by Architect Andrea Oliva, took first place in the Centocittà contest.
The renovation created spaces that are variable in size, and therefore suitable for different functions: music, theatre, and art events take on new dimensions in these spaces. They seem like floating bubbles and are airy as they meet up the linearity of square shapes. It becomes play on different staggered planes, creating a unique and very impressive building. The use of glass, wood, iron, and bare concrete, all expertly lit by the FILE range, in ANODIZED, SATIN, and TARNISHED DARK BROWN colours, contributes to making Torri dell'Acqua a true rarity.
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