Illy Store - Milano
Illy Store - Milano

Illy Store - Milano

Location: Milano - San Carlo gallery
Photo: Luca Campigotto

Illy Shop was launched right in the centre of Milan. It is the first temporary store that is home to all things Illy. Architect Catherine Tiazzoldi was responsible for the project, under the artistic supervision of Illy Caffè. The concept took shape starting with a single element: a "cube" with a square base of 45x45 cm. A combining approach created more than 3000 variations of the same element. The displays are all similar yet different in size, and were created to showcase the different kinds of Illy brand products. The module itself was used to design the lights that Lucifero's made especially for Illy. The window features the Live Happily sign lit by PRO IN fittings.
Products used
Handmade with love
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