Uso Esterno - Roma
Uso Esterno - Roma

Uso Esterno - Roma

location Roma
project arch. Antonio Petrini
lighting project Roberto Paraciani
photo Daniele Oddi

GUIDE and FILE 2 are the protagonists of the Roman USO ESTERNO exhibition space designed by Architect Antonio Petrini with the collaboration of Roberto Paraciani. The clothing store is located in Fonte Nuova in the province of Rome. The light fittings were selected for their advanced technical features and large amount of flexibility in composition. "The light body, made with Lucifero's FILE2 and recessed fittings that intersect at seemingly random angles, designed by Architect Petrini, is a hallmark of the Uso Esterno shop" " Along with the spotlights of the GUIDE projectors along the corners there is also contrasting diffused fluorescent lighting in the central areas where the FILE recessed lighting is woven to create light loops that intersect and that bring an interesting dynamic to the space.”
Products used
Handmade with love
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