Private house - Rome
Private house - Rome

Private house - Rome

Project: Private house
Place: Rome - Italy
Designer: Serena Romanò Principal
Architect: Antonio Chinappi Manager Studio AM-Architettura in Movimento - Roma
Photos: Vincenzo Giglio Photographer

The apartment is located in a very exclusive neighbourhood of Rome. The brief was to give the house a "loft effect" where spaces were separated not by walls but by furniture. So the idea was to have a single area hosting multiple activities. As soon as you enter there is a feeling of a great bright and open space, minimalist areas and furniture and large sunny windows but everything in balance. Lighting design was very important throughout the planning of the apartment – games of shadows, chiaroscuro and bright light. The lighting becomes the focus of attention of the ceilings, deliberately black to emphasise the contrast. A recessed black line of the GUIDE series (made to measure to lead company Lucifero's design) cuts into the false ceiling over the dining table running along the 4.5 metres of the room and bending sharply vertically along the suspended volume of the tv/fireplace area. The units mounted flush with the ceiling (INCAS M) are from the same black line series and are installed in the living room and entrance, and placed at strategic points to illuminate works of art inside the apartment.
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