Il Nido di Cornelia - Imola
Il Nido di Cornelia - Imola

Il Nido di Cornelia - Imola

Project: Alba Progetti
Designers: Ing. Christian Tassinari
Arch. Stefania Campomori
Arch. Arnaldo Maddanu
Ing. Daniele Mirri
Location: Imola
Photo: Bernardo Ricci

Launched in 2009 this nursery started with the desire to offer childcare services to the employees of a selection of companies in Imola (Hera, Asscooper, CNA) providing the children of working parents with a comfortable space in which to spend part of the day, with 12 teachers on duty. The project had two fundamental issues: it had to correspond with the educational project's goals, and the structure had to be top-quality when it comes to environmental sustainability and health.
General lighting during the darker hours of the day is performed by FILE and FILE 2 dimmerable Dali fixtures, capable of providing the right amount of light to little ones whilst saving energy.
Products used
Handmade with love
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