B&B Gassa D'amante - Vieste
B&B Gassa D'amante - Vieste

B&B Gassa D'amante - Vieste

The Gassa D'Amante B&B is inspired by the sea, boats, sails, for passion and proximity to the beautiful Apulian sea.

It is a Suggestive B&B located in the fabulous Vieste, near Gargano, designed with attention to detail.

The chosen lighting combines the functional role and the decorative / suggestive aspect. Lucifero's MICROFILE product was chosen for both the exterior and the interior lighting design.

One product for complete lighting.

MICROFILE SYSTEM Polyfunctional by nature it has been used in various situations: recessed mounted for the vertical walls and ceilings of the rooms and inserted in the bed profiles for indirect lighting

In the outside lighting concept it has been recessed into metal profiles to illuminate the walkways and vertically inserted into the stone to illuminate the entrance to the B&B.
Handmade with love
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