Mosman Residence
Designer Corben Architects Photo by Justin Alexander Private house on the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Microfile LED lighting has been used for the internal staircase to help create a dramatic floating effect.
"Iride is a family of projectors born from observation of the world of light and the essential role it plays in every area."

Mario Cucinella
Singular Glass
Oscar Vidal Quist, Interior Designer, chose the File Flex family for the lighting of the space, creating a suspension without limits of visual continuity.
Navitas Coliving use products from File, File H, Semplice, Focus and Flik-Flok families.
A suggestive, flexible and comfortable location for private and corporate events.
FEBC europe creates custom-made projects in synergy with the most prestigious Italian and international architecture and interior design studios.
The company decided to be enlightened by Lucifero's.

Singular Glass

Singular Glass Villena – Spagna

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Surry Hills Francis De Sales and Presbytery Church

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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