What we do


Made in Italy, distributed worldwide.


Being Italian is something we’re proud of. Proposing and conveying a fundamental value such as Made in Italy is, therefore, an essential part of our every action. And it is precisely from Bologna that our vision opens to the whole world. A breath that becomes international, always remaining well aware of its identity.


In the indoor field, it is not always possible to give your green habitat a functional lighting. The reasons are many. Each plant has special needs, of intensity as of specific light spectra. Starting from these assumptions, our design has moved into a new field of specialization. Dedicated to natural artificial light. Lucifero’s offers, in fact, wired lighting systems with HC (Horticulture) LED spectrum dedicated to ornamental plants. Linear systems with LED and optical plates for grazing lighting and wallwashers for green walls or floodlights equipped with COBHC for accent lighting of single plants or indoor green areas.

When we talk about photobiology, we find ourselves in the field of the interactions between light and biological systems. A discipline that focuses on the primary processes of photosynthesis to define the relationships between function and biological structure. A theme that, in a wide range, also involves human habitation.


We are aware of the biological and emotional impact, not only visual, of light on the human being. This is why we design by placing the person as the subject of our work. With his needs, his needs.

Lighting is an essential element in quality environments that support health and well-being by reducing energy consumption. Like acoustic design, lighting design can have positive or negative effects on people, especially in spaces where they spend a lot of time, such as schools and offices. It has been shown, in fact, that there is a positive correlation between quality lighting conditions and improved productivity, attention and mood. To do this, Lucifero’s combines its experience with technology, through the use of sensors and control systems TUNABLE WHITE (which allows a variation of intensity and color temperature) and attention to natural light. For intelligent and integrated lighting on a human scale.


We characterize the output of Lucifero’s according to the needs of the market and our customers.


As in a real sartorial workshop, what allows us to be an essential partner is listening and understanding. A sensitivity that has enriched our proposal with essential elements such as the strong propensity to personalization and the specific attention to the product look & feel. Pursuing this approach also in digital version, we have concretized more than 30,000 codes in a configurator that accommodates profiles, finishes, compositions, modules and power supplies. A challenge that sums up the union between the physics of materials, the lighting specifications in symbiosis with our creativity and our craft vein. To be close to you at any stage of the project.


Innovative and highly customized solutions that meet high standard requirements in terms of compatibility, efficiency and ergonomics.