IRIDE, a new way to see the light

IRIDE, a new way “to see” the light

Bologna, May the 3rd 2021 - "Iride is a family of projectors that are a metaphor for our eye and for the sensitivity we have towards light, an essential element and beating heart of every environment" From the encounter between Lucifero's lighting know-how and Mario Cucinella's design experience, a lighting fixtures' family with minimal and [...]
TECLA  A 3D printed global habitat for sustainable living

TECLA A 3D printed global habitat for sustainable living

MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects and WASP (Italy’s pioneering specialists in 3D printing) have begun the construction of TECLA – a prototype for a 3D printed habitat, near Bologna, Italy. Borne from a vision to provide a home for everyone at a time of exponential population increase and an associated lack of affordable housing, TECLA is a new[...]
Lucifero's the tale

Lucifero's the tale

Light is everything, reality, dream, style and atmosphere. Light is the tale we love to tell for 40 years. Behind premium materials, illuminating technologies, a close-knight team of talented professionals, who bring light into your life, creating tailor-made solutions, tendsetting concepts and ground-breaking innovation, not just made in Ital[...]
Light+Building - Postponed to March 2022

Light+Building - Postponed to March 2022

Light + Building The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology +++ New date: Light + Building will be held again in its normal sequence in 2022 +++ In view of the world-wide situation caused by the Corona pandemic, and the prohibitions on events and travel restrictions associated with it, Messe Frankfurt has de[...]
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