LBS System

Extruded aluminum curved profiles programme. Profile dimensions: 90 x 30 mm and radius 367 mm – 517 mm – 667 mm Available in round suspended, ceiling-mounted and trimless recessed versions (default modules), in arc-shaped wall-mounted version (default module), or as modules to assemble together to form a sinusoidal system, ceiling-mounted or suspended. Available with the following lighting emissions:horizontal from the internal or external side of the profile, direct/diffused and indirect, provided by strip led (driver to be installed remote in a separate ceiling canopy or onto the false-ceiling) or by led batten with integrated driver (on direct/diffused lighting emission only). Opal white polycarbonate diffuser. The profile can be integrated with chip on board led adjustable projectors (remote driver), to be hung to the on the profile. Degree of protection IP40/IP43.

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