Fuorisalone 2021

Fuorisalone 2021
Throughout Milan Design Week 2021, Lucifero’s will be in Milan with an installation in Piazza San Marco, in the parvis and cloister of the church of San Marco in Brera, Milan: an exceptional showcase for outdoor living in the heart of the Brera Design District.

At September’s Fuorisalone, this maxi-installation immersed in luxuriant nature will transform the parvis and cloister of Brera’s San Marco into an oasis of beauty and conviviality. For public and participants alike, it sets the stage for the 4th edition of dOT design Outdoor Taste, the cult Fuorisalone event for outdoor living and nature enthusiasts held during Milan Design Week. It showcases the beauty and joy of the outdoors and the quality of the proposed furniture, equipment, structures and accessories. Seen as a celebration of taste, flavours and conviviality, dOT also celebrates Milan’s return as the world design capital and the 30th anniversary of Fuorisalone.


The theme of the 4th edition is travel, interpreted through a variety of settings and atmospheres, from beaches to country chic, from mountains to city terraces. At its centre, a piazza and cycle-pedestrian path link all the settings on show, symbolising a new ‘green mobility’ and a ‘slow tourism’ that seeks to rediscover places, knowledge and tastes. The result? A path through an exceptional urban garden, weaving amongst changing micro-landscapes, relaxation areas, walkways and shelters, lights and open-air lounges, furnishings and tastings. The dOT itinerary also extends into the church cloister with Craftlab and Foodlab, where visitors can explore both materials and design-production processes and a world of flavours.

Piazza San Marco will become a vibrant urban garden dedicated to outdoor living, design & lifestyle. In a verdant 650 square metres, a selection of premium furniture, flooring, conservatory, vase, and champagne brands and a dynamic art installation will make dOT an oasis of well-being, conviviality and charm.

With dOT, a luxuriant urban garden sprouts in the very heart of Brera, punctuated by stylish In&Out atmospheres and displays that make up a mosaic of outdoor living solutions. From a petit-déjeuner on the lawn to a metropolitan picnic, from an aperitif in the woods to refreshments in the greenhouse, from the tailor-made outdoor area to a carefully styled garden or personal Eden, dOT is a smart, refined proposal for outdoor conviviality, a hymn to outdoor living that is not just a trend but a solid response to a heartfelt desire for a new lifestyle that seeks comfort, beauty and contact with nature.
At 18:00 on Monday 6 september at HI LITE Next in Via Brera 30, Alessandro Duranti, our Partner and Project & Development Manager, and architect-designer Mario Cucinella will discuss how light can shape spaces, enhance their architectural value and become a free yet formal part of the project itself.

Le Corbusier wrote that “Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light”. During this century we have been spectators of the temporal extension of daily visual quality. Darkness has become a blackboard on which to draw new visual forms, guiding technology to revolutionise the very concept of lighting.

Event with limited number of participants.
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