Denim Studio – Selfridges

London - UK

The newly opened Denim Studio at Selfridges London is five times bigger than the previous denim department and represents an investment in excess of £6 million. Designed in collaboration with HMKM, the 2,415 sq m space that formerly housed the children’s department on level three has been conceived to address ‘the specific needs of women looking for the perfect denim fit’. [...]
A line of blue light travels from the blue neon entrance signs across the ceiling, drawing customers into the department and through to the Fit Studio at the rear of the space. [...]
For the lighting of the internal spaces have been chosen projectors PRO IN FOCUS equipped with metal halide lamp 35W Brite Spot, made of a special length and in a special black and white bicolor finish.
The supply was made by Lucent, Lucifero' s UK Representative.

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