Opera Tuderte

We are at the gates of Todi, a medieval town of unique beauty and elegance, on a lot that once housed a military shooting range, still visible in the characteristic stone wall in front of the old building, a strongly characterizing element of the project. It is in this place surrounded by greenery, in the shade of the hill dominated by Todi and with a view of the Perugina valley that the Italian-French couple decides to establish their summer home, as well as the home dedicated to relaxation, peace and well-being . In search of a welcoming atmosphere, strongly connected with nature and in perfect harmony with it, the project takes its cue from these strong elements and from the stone curtain, once home to ancient targets, to organize a rational internal space, essential in volumes and shapes, coherent in the unique language of colors and materials. Hence the choice of a single wood, solid natural ash for all the custom-designed furnishings as well as all the padding of the openings that lead outwards in the full desire to delicately frame nature. The house is spread over two main floors: a living area, master bedroom and bathroom well screened by wardrobe doors on the ground floor and a large desk top overlooking the external lot framed by a balcony overlooking the living room as well as the two guest bedrooms first. Everything works together to create an elegant and refined coordinated image, highlighted by bright accents and a careful study of both internal and external light. The study of the greenery, the paths and the area behind the house followed the theatrical logic by working in consecutive visual scenes and screens. A complex project in perfect balance between the historicity of the place and the contemporary lifestyle.

Location: Todi (PG) Project: Melissa Giacchi Architetto d’Interni Photo: Luca Petrucci

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