Showroom Gazzotti

Location: Villa Beccadelli:
photo ER Studio

The Gazzotti company, a manufacturer of flooring since 1910, has decided to use its historical Villa Beccadelli in the province of Bologna as a unique exhibition space for designers that includes seven rooms where the flooring is framed by prestigious design objects, dramatic vintage furniture and works of art. It is a one-of-a-kind exhibition itinerary. The iron rods in the ceiling were masked, but not covered, by the FILEH profiles in the Track System version, in the OXIDIZED DARK BROWN colour, onto which the headlights of PRO IN were mounted with Euro standard adapters and optics in high efficiency metallised aluminium. They emphasize not only the beautiful hardwood floors but also the works and objects on display and the walls that were deliberately left as they were, ruined by time and neglect. The TUTTASCENA floor lamps designed by Architect Andrea Trebbi are exhibited as works of art and stand out for their purity of style.

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